Chastity piercing should be done only when the caged man has got comfortable with his chastity device. While a chastity lock and cage are sufficient to keep a man caged, a chastity piercing works to tighten the hold further. Now, there are different types of chastity piercing to choose from. The post below extends an overview on all of them to help you make the right choice.

Prince Albert piercing

This piercing is named after Prince Albert, the imperial husband of Queen Victoria. He was the first one to do the piercing but for a completely different purpose. His piercing was not done for any sexual pleasure but solely as a means to accommodate the then men’s fashion. However, later it was discovered that this form of piercing could be used as a chastity piercing as well.

With PA piercing, the device runs through urethra and exits out from the rear or bottom of glans. It’s a simple piercing and doesn’t really hurt much. In fact, if you are looking for a chastity piercing which assure least pain, PA piercing is the thing for you. However, you may experience some bleeding initially but it will stop fast.

It will take around 2-8 weeks for the skin to heal after PA piercing.

Frenum piercing

After PA piercing, Frenum is the most popular when it comes to male chastity piercing. The piercing is performed through frenum, on under part of glans. It’s to note here, frenum piercing is very handy when it comes to urination. With PA piercing, little urination is common as the piercing penetrates urethra for the first time. But you don’t have such issues with Frenum piercing. You won’t even need to sit down while urinating with this kind of piercing.

If the piercing is done by some female pro, it’s natural for the caged man to feel hard while getting the piercing done. Now, that’s certainly embarrassing for the man. If you want to see your man humiliated and embarrassed during piercing, you should be with him during piercing session.

It will take around 2-6 weeks for the skin to heal after Frenum piercing.

Ampallang & Apadravya

While the above mentioned two are the most common, there are two other male chastity piercings as well. One of them is Ampallang. In this case, the piercing goes through center of glans horizontally and pierces center of urethra. The other one is called Apadravya. Here, the piercing runs vertically through glans. Put simply, the Apadravya refers to 2 PA piercings with one at bottom & another on top.

Safety tips to remember for piercing

You should always get your piercing done from a highly experienced and reputed practitioner. Any single faulty step during the piercing could be  a matter of life and death for you. So, be careful about the practitioner you choose.

Also make sure your chosen practitioner is extremely cautious about complete safety during operation. Don’t hesitate to ask the practitioner whether or not s/he changes gloves multiple times a day. A reliable piercing practitioner will change gloves minimum 3 times a day. Then, a credible practitioner must be careful to autoclave. You will know you are with a trusted practitioner if s/he autoclaves all her instruments and packs them neatly in clean sterile bags. The autoclave should be backed by service certificate that must be renewed every year.

Finally, make sure to clean chastity device and piercing at regular intervals. Hygiene is really important to enjoy a fun-filled and safe chastity experience. You should also give the piercing its time to heal. Do not touch it or play with it till it has healed properly.