Sex in the balcony

Love having sex in the balcony? This will make you think twice next time you plan to make love there!

A teenage couple in London was having sex at the 6 floor of a luxury London apartment in the balcony. According to a witness the guy was rocking back and ofrth and then both of them fell to the ground together.

However this wasn’t the first time, in 1997 a Houston woman died while having sex with her boss in a balcony, though later on the police stated that the boss pushed her from the railing during sex.

Sex is the jungle

Jungle is a home to dangerous animals and no doubt when you try to get naughty in their land, there are dangerous consequences that you face.

In 2013 a Zimbabwe woman, Sharai Mawera was with her boyfriend having sex in the African bish, when a hungry lion decided to join them. The guy fled fully naked away from the scene but Mawera was mauled to death. When her body was found it was fully ripped apart.


Sex in the Car

There are times when you can’t wait to get back home and start stripping your clothes off then and there to make love to your partner. Unfortunately this young couple did that and lost their life.

In 1999, Romanian soccer player Mario Bugeanu and his girlfriend Mirela Lancu started making love in a car that was just parked inside Bugeanu’s garage. According to reports, Bugeanu forgot to switch off the engine, which gave rise to life threatening gas carbon monoxide.